GitHub Action - Edit Release v1.2.0

GitHub Action - Edit Release v1.2.0

Jul 8, 2022ยท

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Edit Release is a GitHub Action for editing an existing release. Edit the Name, Draft status and Pre-release status of a release as well as adding text and the content of markdown files to the Body of a release.

Edit Release is built with .NET 6 and Docker using GitHub Container Registry and sigstore.

Release Notes

  • Signed the Docker image
  • Updated libraries

How to Verify the Docker Image

  1. Install sigstore/cosign.
  2. Run: COSIGN_EXPERIMENTAL=1 cosign verify
$ COSIGN_EXPERIMENTAL=1 cosign verify

Verification for --
The following checks were performed on each of these signatures:
  - The cosign claims were validated
  - Existence of the claims in the transparency log was verified offline
  - Any certificates were verified against the Fulcio roots.

In the JSON data that follows the docker-manifest-digest values should contain the hash sha256:a68ecd1ac7ba32ca07bc03b069f250200cf9e532e9496872aa4a3cb1d82bb167.



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